Bathroom in eco style - three principles

Eco can mean both ecology and economy - and an eco-style bathroom is a project that is both functional and economical, but also aesthetic. How to make all this work? We have a short guide for you!

Bathroom in eco style: the economical devices

One of the pillars of ecology is to reduce consumption. In the bathroom, this can be achieved in several ways. The simplest and most commonly used is the aerator in the faucet - the strainer aerates the water, so we use less water, whether washing our hands or taking a shower. Speaking of the shower, it is a much more ecological solution than a bathtub, because it naturally reduces water consumption. If you can, choose a shower. We recommend our guide: "Shower or bathtub: how to choose".

It is also worth looking for a thermostatic shower mixer. By setting a constant water temperature you don't waste time adjusting it yourself. It's a cost-saving method.

Bathroom in eco style: products with warranty

It is also important to be sensible about the warranty on the products we choose. SanSwiss shower enclosures are covered by full 2 years warranty. Choosing a high quality product may at first seem suboptimal in terms of money management, but long, trouble-free operation is a definite plus.

Bathroom in eco style: design details

When it comes to colors and style, an eco-bathroom is all about natural colors and shapes, as well as materials. We recommend our guide "Wood in the bathroom: how to do it right". However, if you prefer stone accessories or unveiling bricks on one of the walls, this is also a very good direction. We also recommend our guide "Hygge style bathroom". It's a related design direction and something will certainly inspire you.