Hygge Style Bathroom

Home is not just an address, but a place where we feel good. It's worth to devote some time to make sure every room made us feel happy and relaxed. For several years the hygge style bathroom is a desirable arrangement style for this special place in the house. How to design the bathroom to feel good in it?

Hygge Style Bathroom: What You Need

When designing the bathroom one should start big, and then move to minor details. For many people the best place to relax is a large bathtub. A comfortable, spacious shower cabin with a rain head is also a great choice. It is crucial to be able to adjust the way the water is sprayed, and what temperature it is. A cooler, direct stream naturally invigorates us in the morning, while a warm, light mist helps relax tired muscles after a day of work.

It is better to choose a larger shower cabin if you have the space for it in the bathroom. In every store you can step inside the cabins, get a better look, consider how to adapt them to the your space.

Hygge Style Bathroom: Colors

In recent years strong colors in bathrooms are replaced by neutral colors like white, grey, beige or taupe, which go well with accessories in many colors. And thanks to such accessories it is possible to revamp the bathroom visually.

It is worth remembering the more light areas, the larger the room seems. Stick to the same colors, and don't forget about the light. In an ideal scenario the bathroom has a window; even a small one is a source of natural light. If not, focus on even lighting for the whole space, but easy on the eyes. Additional lighting around the mirror makes sense. Choose lights with natural light color. Strong, white lights are good for the garage or storage rooms.

Hygge Style Bathroom: Accessories

You now have your perfect shower cabin, wall color and lighting, but how to make the space relaxing? Think about a centrepiece to hang on one of the walls. Perhaps a copy of your favorite painting or a movie poster? Or a map of the globe. Looking at it you can plan your next vacation, a holiday with the family, or recall a fun getaway.

Plants are a frequent addition. If selected and cared for well they will bring life to the space. However if you don't have a green thumb, you can introduce plants through accessories. Choose towels with floral motif or the recently popular monstera leaf design. Add ceramic pots with the same design and one (why not artificial?) leaf in a long, slim vase.

Don't go overboard with bathroom accessories though. Hygge is not minimalism, but "just right". And this means everything should be where it is needed, but not overpowered by less crucial items. Conceal the hygienic supplies in a cabinet, stow away used towels in a basket with a lid, regularly check your cosmetics, and cast away empty packaging. The hygge style bathroom is about celebrating the everyday, but it's better to focus on its more pleasant aspects.