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Saunas and Spa

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do
Glass 1989 combines ancient rituals and cutting-edge technologies, offering extremely versatile spaces where you can leave behind the psychophysical stress of daily life and enjoy precious moments of wellbeing and relaxation.

Glass 1989 carefully listens to customer requirements realizing customized solutions for small domestic spaces and complete professional wellness center: Finnish, infrared and bio saunas that can be customised or integrated with special solutions, hammam spaces that are easy to install or made with self-supporting structures, multifunctional cabins, whirlpool or design bathtubs, indoor or outdoor Spa pools.


Modular and customizable in size, combinations and finishes: an extremely versatile solution. With Chillout you can create domestic and professional wellness spaces, with total design freedom.

Single modules or compositions with two or three modules are available for wall or corner installation. Wide front glass windows can be extended even more, with exterior glass side windows or interior glass partition walls and layouts that optimize space usability.


A sauna for everyone
Buying a sauna means investing in your wellbeing, having a place to relax alone or in company, a personal haven from stress and everyday concerns.

Thanks to a great versatility of solutions, in Glass 1989 range it is always possible to find your ideal sauna: from compact solutions with standard sizes to customized saunas, suitable for both domestic use and wellness centers, hotels or exclusive projects.

With Glass 1989 you are free to choose the type of sauna that suits you best: Finnish, bio or infrared sauna.


A thousand-year old ritual
The hammam, also known as Turkish bath, is an ancient purification ritual, a moment of relaxation and regeneration.

Surrounded by a cloud of steam that can be combined with chromotherapy and aromatherapy, you can live an intense, soothing experience of wellbeing, to be enjoyed alone or in company.

infinity spa

Overflow portable spa
Born from the combination of an OF Spa and a Portable Spa, it is a panelled overflow spa that can be installed without any dedicated technical compartment, because it houses the entire system below the spa shell.

A wellness experience that comes with an extremely easy installation makes this spa truly special.

It combines the emotion given by a total immersion in water, typical of the OF Spa, with the much appreciated simplicity and practicality of a Portable Spa.


Portable Spa
This versatile spa suits all your needs, it is quick and easy to install and does not require any special plumbing systems or dedicated technical compartments. Just fill the spa with water, connect it to the power grid and enjoy all the benefits it offers. An electronic control panel is installed on the rim of each Portable Spa with an intuitive, easy-to-use functions menu: you can set the hydromassage, chromotherapy and water temperature you want, in just a moment.

mawi spa
With Mawi Spa collection the spa pool becomes a real furnishing element, a relax oasis, perfect both for indoors and outdoors. Mawi Spas are portable spas with contemporary design, which combine aesthetics and functionality, a new way to imagine comfort in the spa world.

of spa

Overflow spa
A unique experience.
It’s like magic: as you let yourself enjoy the comforting embrace of water, your mind and body get regenerated. In this spa the water constantly flows over the rim of the pool, it overflows into the overflow channels and is conveyed to the balance tank. The water is automatically topped up, using filtered water which is free of all impurities: all overflow spas are equipped with a sand filter, which ensures a superior quality filtration.