Wood in the Bathroom: How To Do It Right?

A dozen years or so ago, when wooden bathroom finish was first introduced, wood was hard to come by, and it was expensive as well. Not everyone was partial to exotic wood or overwhelming colonial style. Fortunately other solutions emerged, and now you can design your bathroom in virtually any style, using wood as decoration.

Wooden Floor in the Bathroom

This is the easiest way to introduce wood in the bathroom. Beside exotic wood, you can also choose variants less distant geographically, like beech, oak or larch. However remember boards need to be specially treated before installation, and after they are installed it is necessary to waterproof them, and protect them for example with oil. Better leave it to the experts.

Wooden Furniture in the Bathroom

Another good idea to introduce wood into the bathroom is to use wooden furniture. The only limitation here is the space available. If you have a large bathroom, a light wooden screen separating the toilet section from the bath section can look beautiful. A cupboard or open wooden shelves are also a sensible choice, as well as a cloths hanger. Furniture should be treated appropriately - when making a purchase it is best to say where you want to place them. The seller will then be able to suggest the best waterproofing which will not change the wood color, and will ensure durability.

What to Mix Wood With in the Bathroom?

In the past dark exotic wood forced addition of colonial decorative elements, but nowadays using wood on the floor no longer forces us to go with a particular style. Wood will go with a hygge style bathroom with its neutral colors. A Japanese style bathroom is another good inspiration.

However if you are dreaming of a different style bathroom or different colors, you can look for other methods to introduce wooden elements. If not wooden floor then perhaps a wooden mirror frame, trays for cosmetics or a rustic wooden bucket?

Wood in the Bathroom - Which Shower Cabin?

No matter how well waterproofed the wood on the floor is, it should not be in contact with water more than absolutely necessary. Therefore we advise against walk-in shower cabins, instead we suggest classic SanSwiss shower cabins. We recommend the Cadura collection, which brings together ergonomics with sophisticated and discreet look. This series includes cabins with swinging as well as sliding doors. The latter may be an especially good choice in the bathroom, in which wood dominates.