Minimalist bathroom: how to create it?

While a dozen or so years ago, expansive, detail-charged designs dominated in interior design, for some time now the popular fashion principle has returned to favor: less is more. A minimalist bathroom is just one of the directions - very impressive, if well done. How not to make a mistake? We recommend our guide.

Minimalist bathroom: space

The essence of minimalism is to limit the content of the room to what is necessary - at least at first sight. We do not encourage raw concrete walls and floors with a walk-in shower in the middle of the room. What can attract attention in an interior magazine rarely makes sense in everyday life.

In addition to the typical bathroom fittings, such as a shower cubicle, toilet and washbasin, you also need shelves, cabinets and sometimes a washing machine if you don't have space for it in another room. But that doesn't mean that everything has to be visible at a glance. Take advantage of the crowds of the room and place the cabinets there, hide the washing machine behind a sliding wall, e.g. in a Japanese shoji type. The SanSwiss shower enclosure from the EASY BLACK LINE collection will fit perfectly into such a wall.

Minimalist bathroom: shapes

Whether you choose squares, rectangles or circles repeated throughout the bathroom is secondary. The most important thing is to stick to this one shape - so that everything fits together. Rectangles are easiest to fit in, and bathroom furniture in this shape is also easiest to find. Avoid visible handles, complicated bathroom faucets and unnecessary decorations.

Minimalist bathroom: colours

The most common colours for a minimalist bathroom are shades of grey, white and black. To some extent, these are solutions known from the New York style bathroom. You can also choose some other colour, rather in a cool shade. Although wooden accents are associated with other types of interiors, they can be successfully used - a sink cabinet or a wooden chest of drawers is a good way to give your bathroom a personal touch.