Windowless bathroom: how to design it?

In many apartments and houses, the bathroom is designed either inside the house or against a blind wall. This is only seemingly an inconvenience for the owner, because a windowless bathroom can be as pleasing to the eye and as functional as one with a window. What should be kept in mind?

The most important thing is good ventilation - but this applies to all types of bathrooms. Humidity and temperature fluctuations can cause mold and fungi. Therefore, it is worth looking for modern ventilation solutions. A door with an open bottom is a minimum. It's also worth installing a fan. It can be combined with a light switch.

Usually, a windowless bathroom is a small bathroom, so the shower enclosure is a much better option. If possible, devote space to a walk-in shower enclosure, but you can also choose one with a sliding door - it will take up less valuable space than one with a hinged door.

Even if you like dark colors, we advise you to avoid them in a windowless bathroom - the space will look smaller. Instead, we recommend bright colors. Do you need something to catch your eye? A colorful cabinet under the washbasin is a good idea.

Lighting in a windowless bathroom

In a windowless bathroom, lighting is particularly important. Instead of overwhelming candelabras, choose simple, economical models. LED strips are a very good solution, or you can add spotlights. If you have space for it, we recommend illuminated recesses in the wall, where you can expose a retro perfume bottle or a decorative photo frame.
Windowless bathroom: how to design it?

Clever tricks to brighten up your  windowless bathroom

In addition to lighting, in a windowless bathroom, you should also think about adding elements that optically enlarge and brighten it. A wall made of reflective tiles is a very good method. You can choose a color similar to the one dominating the bathroom or neutral white with silver or gold accents.

The second method is a mirror. The bigger the mirror, the better. A proven way to do this is to place it in front of the bathroom front door, but if you have the courage, you can cover the entire wall with a mirror.

Advantages of a  windowless bathroom

Although it may seem like a less desirable solution, a windowless bathroom also has many advantages. You don't waste time wiping away foggy windows and don't have to think about protecting your privacy from glances from the street. What's more, a windowless bathroom is a potentially ideal place for applying makeup. A comfortable vanity desk with variable color lighting is the dream of many women. Here, it can be the only source of light - without having to shield oneself from the sun or the street light shining through the window!