Which shower enclosure is easy to clean?

The most beautiful bathroom loses its look if the shower enclosure has streaks and traces of soap, bath gel or shampoo. Unfortunately, few people like to clean the house. That's why it's worth choosing a shower enclosure that's easy to clean right from the design stage.

Easy-to-clean shower enclosure: the design

The place where, after evaporation, limescale, dust particles and cosmetic residues are difficult to remove, are the hard-to-reach areas of the cabin - i.e. profile joints, roller guides in the cabin with sliding doors and all converging points at the seals. The rate of scale build-up depends on water hardness. If possible, it is worth choosing walk-in shower cabins - SanSwiss brand offers several dozen models in several collections. Additionally, our cabins are equipped with a wide range of solutions facilitating cleaning. In sliding cabins there is a door release system, and in hinged cabins the hinges are flush with the surface of glass from the inside, which makes it possible to collect water with a squeegee.
Which shower enclosure is easy to clean?

Easy-to-clean shower enclosure: type of glass covering

Another potential problem is the big glass, a natural thing in any shower enclosure. It's very easy to get streaks here. The solution is to choose engraving or printing on the glass - it can be drops, vertical lines or a grid, or even a tree branch pattern. All available glass variants and profiles from Sanswiss can be found on our website. Additionally, it is worth remembering that the surface of the glass is enriched with a durable Aquaperle polymer coating, which prevents scale build-up and makes it easier to keep the cabin clean.

Easy-to-clean shower enclosure: cleaning agents

Although there are dozens of preparations on offer, it is worth remembering that any milk or paste can leave scratches on the glass. Glass preparations are a much better idea, but they may not be best suited to the shower enclosure you choose either. For SanSwiss shower enclosures, especially those with the Aquaperle system, we have created a line of safe cleaning and care products. We describe them in the "cleaning and maintenance" section.