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Sliding Door Shower Cabin - Is It Right For You?

The best solution for your bathroom is what meets your requirements and fits the space available. A shower cabin is something we choose for years, so it's worth spending time to consider what is important for you. Sliding door shower cabin is a good solution for several reasons.

Why Sliding Door Shower Cabin Makes Sense?

The biggest advantage of this type of cabin is saving space. We talked about it in our Attic Bathroom article. If you have a small bathroom, a sliding door shower cabin will be the best solution, as you do not need to account for space needed to open the doors. You can place a cabinet or a shelf for cosmetics or towels next to it - just within reach.

Another important advantage of this type of shower cabin is ease with keeping it clean, and no water stains on the floor. Many people choose to go with warm exotic wood floor instead of cold tiles, but even waterproofed wood doesn't like water, something that cannot be avoided in case of shower cabins with opening doors.

A sliding door shower cabin made of matte glass or glass with decorative designs is also a way to keep one's privacy is the bathroom and the toilet are in the same space. SanSwiss shower cabins can be ordered with one of many lasting designs imprinted on the tempered glass - even a mirror look is available!

Cleaning Sliding Door Shower Cabin

Every shower cabin is pleasing to the eye as long as it is clean, without soap stains or fungus. Regular cleaning is necessary. Out of the factory SanSwiss shower glass comes with AQUAPERLE polymer coating which is designed so that water flows off it in the forms of single drops thus reducing the number of stains. The AQUAPERLE coating makes everyday care and keeping the cabin clean easier. It allows for maintaining glass transparency and customer satisfaction for many years.