Shower enclosure without tray

A shower allows you to save a lot of space in the bathroom, as well as to have a quick bath with less water consumption than when using a bathtub. However, each shower has different properties and may look different. One of the solutions available is a shower enclosure without a tray. Is it worth investing in?

When planning to install a shower in the bathroom, you will have to face many dilemmas. In the past, shower enclosures were viewed only through the prism of functionality. Ready-made massive blocks with equally massive shower trays were installed in bathrooms. Those times are gone, technology has advanced a lot, and design encourages treating the shower as a stylish element of interior décor. Regardless of whether you have a shower enclosure with or without a tray in your bathroom, it can look impressive. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions?

Shower enclosure without tray – advantages

By choosing this option, you can get an interesting bathroom in a modern or minimalist style. A shower enclosure without a tray has many advantages, but it is not without its disadvantages. The elegant appearance is certainly noteworthy. With a linear drain, the enclosure can be of any size with the same tiles as in the whole bathroom. It gives great arrangement possibilities and is one of the greatest advantages.

In addition, getting in and out of the shower is very easy and safe. This is especially important for children or people with mobility problems. Entering a high tray could be difficult and carries the risk of falling.

Freedom in terms of dimensions makes a shower enclosure without a tray work well in a small bathroom, where it can be difficult to fit a regular shower enclosure, and in a large one, where there is space for a double shower. With so many advantages, are there any significant disadvantages here?
Shower enclosure without tray

Disadvantages of a shower enclosure without tray

One of the most important disadvantages is the cost of the investment itself. Compared to a shower enclosure with a tray, the expense can be much higher. The second issue is good design and installation. Due to the fact that this type of solution involves interfering with the floor and wall, its implementation may be difficult and troublesome in an already existing building. With a fully finished bathroom, it will not be possible to install a linear drain. Likewise, installation in bathrooms with thin ceilings is not recommended.

If you choose a shower enclosure without a tray, you need to have a bathroom design. Find a company that will do this professionally and be ready for a major renovation. Among the works that investors have to take into account, there is the need to shape the floor, which explains the need for a thicker ceiling. The walls are also waterproofed to protect the room from flooding. While you usually don't think about it when a bathroom is new, a breakdown may happen over time. Reaching the installation under the tiles is not easy and you have to take that into account as well.

Or maybe shower enclosure with tray?

First of all, an enclosure with a tray is easier to install than one with a drain. It neither requires renovation of the entire bathroom, nor a laborious project. Installing an enclosure with a tray is definitely a faster solution. It can also be installed in a finished bathroom. It is much easier to get to the pipes if necessary than with a linear drain.

It is possible to adapt the height of the tray to your own needs. You can shower by hand in a high tray, and a younger child can bathe in it like in a tub. However, low shower trays are chosen much more often. It's easier to get into the shower and it has a modern design.

What about the appearance? First of all, it is worth avoiding ready-made products and considering whether it is better to choose the shower enclosure and the tray seperately. This makes it easier to match the model to the interior design. If a shower tray nevertheless does not seem tempting, a visit to the SanSwiss website is a must. The solutions of this manufacturer will satisfy even the greatest supporters of linear drains.

Innovative solutions by SanSwiss

The SanSwiss website features several modern lines. They are distinguished not only by excellent workmanship, but also by the fact that they are ultra-flat. In terms of comfort, entering a shower with such a tray is comparable to a linear drain, which is an unquestionable advantage. At the same time, the proposed models have one of the greatest advantages of shower trays – they do not require a general renovation of the bathroom. SanSwiss shower trays feature unusual designs that will add attractiveness to the interior and emphasize its character.

WALK-IN enclosures are an equally interesting and very effective option. This is the essence of style. It is an open shower enclosure with no door, but smooth sheets of glass. It is minimalism, modernity and elegance in its purest form, and the installation itself is quick and simple.