Shower enclosure without shower tray

A bathroom with a shower without a shower tray is a solution that can be used in small bathrooms or in large, spacious living rooms. Which one to choose - walk-in or recessed? What should you know about shower enclosures without a shower tray? Here you will find the most important information - check it out!

A shower enclosure without a shower tray is an idea for a modern and comfortable bathroom. Modern house designs and bathroom arrangements are based on minimalism and solutions without unnecessary structural elements. A shower without a shower tray can be of any shape: rectangular, square, semicircular or triangular. What is important is that a shower enclosure without a shower tray is mounted directly on tiles. Such a solution requires installing drains in the floor and making a slope in the floor.
Shower enclosure without shower tray

Shower enclosure without a walk-in shower tray

The walk-in cabins allow you to create a tailor-made shower area. They can be made of tempered glass or plastic. Open and space-limiting walk-in cabins can be installed in a wall recess or in the corner of the bathroom. They are placed directly on the floor. They have no guides, doors or rollers. This is a cheap way to equip the bathroom. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of this solution in our walk-in cabins guide.

Recessed shower enclosure without shower tray

The tray-less shower is easy to arrange in a niche. A door- separated bath bay is a good solution for difficult interior design, as it saves space by fitting only sliding or swinging doors to two bathroom walls. Thresholdless shower door subtly finishes the bathroom interior.

Shower panels are a good solution for cabins without shower trays. They can be made of aluminium or plastic and differ from shower systems in that they have additional whirlpool nozzles attached. The whole thing is hidden underneath the body, whose shape, color and material can be selected according to our preferences.

The manufacturers of shower cabins offer a wide range of dimensions, thanks to which we can easily adjust the parameters of the recess door to the technical possibilities of our bathroom. In case of any bevels or unevenness of the walls, we have the possibility to order the door to a specific size. SanSwiss offers its customers technological support and customization of the installation variant to individual needs.

A shower enclosure without a shower tray - is that a good choice?

Modern shower enclosures without a shower tray are free of structural elements such as guides, rollers and hinges. They are characterized by simple form, no ornaments and versatility. The water drain is installed in the floor and can be almost unnoticeable, e.g. encased in ceramic tiles, or blend in with the interior design. Drains installed in the floor can be linear, point or arched, and the surrounding floor should have a preserved drain, which will enable efficient drainage of water into the sewage pipes. By giving up the shower tray, we gain an easy to use shower area, especially for children and the elderly. The floor is free of architectural barriers and creates a uniform surface throughout the bathroom, making the room optically larger. The lack of a shower tray is also an easy way to keep clean, as the system is free of any gaps in which dirt and stone could settle.