Shower enclosure with black profiles - a new trend

Black profiles of shower enclosures are the latest trend in bathroom design, where bright colours have prevailed so far: white, beige or shiny metal. However, there are many indications that black will stay in our bathrooms for longer, because a black shower enclosure perfectly matches fashionable styles - lofts, New York or art deco - and gives the interior a character of sophisticated elegance.

A shower enclosure with black profiles is a way to create a bathing area with an elegant, minimalist and timeless character in your bathroom. The trend towards black in the bathroom is now very strong, but even if it passes in a few seasons' time, the color itself is versatile enough to defend itself against passing fashions.

Shower enclosure - black profiles. Which interior?

Black shower enclosures are a hit of recent seasons and more and more customers are choosing to buy. Apart from profiles, black profiles in such cabins may also include door handles or decorative elements on glass (e.g. black muntins on the shower cubicle are popular). SanSwiss offers a wide range of BLACK LINE - a line of black cabins, available in so many models that they can be adapted to any interior!

The shower enclosure with black profiles fits into different interior styles. It is worth considering such a purchase, especially if you are decorating your bathroom in one of the following styles:
  1. Loft style
  2. New York style
  3. Art deco style
A shower enclosure with black profiles is also a great solution for anyone who would like to introduce this elegant color into their interior, but fear that a large amount of black will make the bathroom look smaller. Shower enclosures with black profiles do not pose such a risk, and at the same time allow you to add a designer touch to your bathroom.
Shower enclosure with black profiles - a new trend

Black profiles - walk-in or shower tray?

A black bathroom, however, requires thoughtful decisions. One of the most important decisions is to choose the right cabin. They decide on a shower enclosure with black finishes, we have several options to choose from. Traditional, lockable shower enclosure or minimalist glass with black profiles, without a classic shower tray, i.e. very fashionable walk-in shower enclosures? The latter is mainly chosen by supporters of minimalism and... admirers of impeccable order.  Walk-in cabins consist only of glass panes with black profiles - there are no additional movable elements here. This allows you to keep the cabin clean without any problems. A black shower enclosure without a shower tray will optically enlarge the bathroom, so it is also suitable for small rooms.
No matter which type of cabin we decide on, a very important ergonomic and well-chosen way of entering. It can be a cabin with a corner entrance or an entrance on one side - in fact, everything depends on the spatial limitations of the bathroom. It should be remembered that the bathroom should be functional and the use of the shower should be comfortable. The door to the cabin can be swinging or sliding - the first option will work in smaller rooms. SanSwiss offers a customized cabin to suit your space - and the ideal cabin with black profiles can be created in our configurator, where you can specify the shape of the cabin, type of entrance and choose the frame.