Scandinavian style bathroom - how to arrange?

The Scandinavian style in the bathroom is constantly popular. Bright, warm, natural and full of light interiors are as good in any country as in cool and dark Scandinavia. How to arrange a Scandinavian bathroom? See for yourself that it is not so difficult!

A Scandinavian style bathroom is an interior where white and grey dominate. They are accompanied by natural materials: wood and stone... The Scandinavian style can take on a more minimalistic and austere look, or go in the direction of a cozy, family space.

Bathroom in Scandinavian style - style characteristics

The Scandinavian bathroom should be:
  1. bright with light and colors based on whites, blues, grays,
  2. warmth through natural materials such as wood, natural fabrics or wicker.
  3. Comfortable and cosy, according to the idea of hygge.
Scandinavian style bathroom - how to arrange?
In a bathroom decorated in Scandinavian style, there is no need to look for flashy colors. It is dominated by sapwood, beiges, pastels and real wood - naturally colored, bleached or painted white, preferably beech, ash, pine or oak. White or very bright is not only furniture, but also walls, floors, sanitary facilities and decorations.

The Scandinavian bathroom should also have large mirrors - e.g. the characteristic round mirror on a leather belt, and if the room has windows, you shouldn't hang curtains or roller blinds on them, because they would restrict access to the interiors by the rare and precious rays of sunshine (Scandinavians, by the way, don't have our need to hide in our own home). To feel closer to nature, let's put on bathroom accessories such as soap dishes imitating stone, whitewashed wooden shelf or decorate our interior with plants that will perfectly fit into the Scandinavian style.
What to avoid?

Scandinavian bathroom with shower

The Scandinavian style is ideal for small bathrooms. Bright colors, a lot of light and a kind of minimalism make it possible to create an arrangement even on a small area that not only "adds space" but also gives the impression of freshness and purity. Fabrics, on the other hand, in the form of rugs, towels and bathrobes (which do not have to be hidden), create a friendly, cozy, homely atmosphere.

Bathroom in Scandinavian style also means comfort and ergonomics, so when designing it, we more and more often choose a functional shower than a more space-saving bath. Minimalist walk-in shower cabin gives us a guarantee of comfort and freedom, and is in line with the spirit of Scandinavian design. SanSwiss offers a wide range of walk-in cabins with the possibility of choosing the right profiles.

It is important from the point of view of the Scandinavian style to light up the space in which the shower is located. It is good to choose natural light, but if there is no window in the room, it is worth betting on spot lighting, which will be very practical and atmospheric.