Protective screens – safety and hygiene

Occupational health and safety had always been important, but since the coronavirus changed the epidemiological situation, they have become particularly essential. Being at work cannot be associated with constant concern for your own health, so any additional protection is valued.

The employer should provide the staff with comfortable working conditions which at the same time will protect them against possible infections. One of the elements that stand out in terms of effectiveness in this area are protective screens.

Office protective screens

Protective screens have been on the market for some time and have become very common in the past few months. Depending on what the office space looks like – whether it is an open space or a customer service office where contractors stand at the counter, protective screens may look slightly different. Thanks to this, it is possible to choose a variant that will not only increase the safety of employees, but will also fit the office layout and its interior design well.

Just take a look at the product lines offered by SanSwiss. The company is the leader in the production of high-end shower cabins. When COVID changed our needs, SanSwiss used their expertise in the production of components using tempered glass to prepare a series of protective screens. You can choose from desk, reception and full-height screens. What is more, they are available in many standard and special sizes.

How to clean protective screens?

In the current epidemiological situation, it is of the utmost importance to disinfect usable surfaces frequently. This, in turn, involves the use of strong agents, usually alcohol-based. Some materials may be damaged by them. Keep this in mind when choosing protective screens.

With SanSwiss models, there is no need to worry about cleaning. Every SafeScreen is made of safety glass. Therefore, you can safely clean the surface even with strong agents. This is a huge advantage, for example over plexiglass screens, which can only be cleaned with preparations intended for acrylic plexiglass.
Protective screens – safety and hygiene

Screens provide safety in the office, shop and at the reception

Protective screens can be used not only in an office space, but also in a hotel reception, restaurant, hairdressing salon, health care centre, government office and any other place where you have contact with the customer. The possibility of mounting the screen at different heights enables you to create an effective antiviral barrier in each of these places. Currently, no one can guarantee that the person on the other side is not infected. Maximum caution must be exercised in all places.

An employer who chooses this solution takes much better care of the safety of their employees than if their activities were limited to the mandatory wearing of masks and gloves. The screens decrease the probability of employees getting sick and problems with organising a replacement or with downtime due to numerous sick leaves.

Glass protective screen – an alternative to a plexiglass cover

At first glance, it seems that protective screens made of plexiglass are cheaper, but if you take a closer look, they may turn out not to be the most fortunate choice. Both safety glass and plexiglass constitute a barrier to microorganisms. However, safety glass can be more easily and efficiently disinfected without the risk of damage to the coating.

Durability is another factor playing a role here. Plexiglass screens tend to get scratched during normal use. It looks unaesthetically, which may translate into a negative opinion of a given office or reception by customers. In addition, scratches and grooves make cleaning much more difficult. Protective screens made of glass are extremely durable and resistant. They will not be affected by shocks and no scratches will appear during use. The screens offered by SanSwiss are made of 6 mm thick glass and comply with EN 12150/1. Glass protective screens will look flawless for years, which cannot be said about plexiglass screens.

Protective screens stand for safety and aesthetics

From what has been said, it is clear that glass protective screens are definitely more resistant to damage, and at the same time provide reliable protection against the coronavirus. However, it is worth noting that SanSwiss products are not only functional, but also extremely aesthetic. They have an elegant finish of either silver gloss or black matte. This makes it easier to adapt the model to other elements in the room.

Incorporating a protective screen will not disturb the design of the entire interior in any way. It will become a subtle addition to the whole. This means that despite the fact that it is primarily a device for increasing safety, it will also highlight the style and prestige. Thus, this solution has only advantages. All you have to do is specify your expectations and choose a model and size that will fit into the room.