Oriental bathroom - how to arrange it?

If you dream of a bit of exoticism in your own home, combine the dynamics of eastern ornaments with the comfort of modern bathing solutions. Tiles in Moroccan style, mosaics, arabesques, saturated colors, hanging lanterns and you can already enjoy a breath of mysterious Orient!

Oriental countries are characterized by great diversity, so there is no single recipe for interior design. When decorating the Oriental bathroom you can opt for the rich and colorful style of the countries around the Mediterranean or minimalist Japanese style. We have devoted a separate guide to these styles, please read it carefully: How to arrange a Japanese style bathroom? In this text we will focus on eastern inspirations from Turkey or Morocco.

Oriental bathroom - Moroccan tiles

An easy way to create an oriental style is to use the strength and charm of Moroccan tiles. Morocco is famous for its ceramics made for generations by craftsmen who diligently follow their traditions. All products are characterized by lively colors and bold patterns. Tiles in Moroccan style, mosaics, arabesque - many manufacturers offer ready-made collections of ceramic tiles (floor and wall tiles), whose patterns refer to Arabic ornamentation.

Deciding on such colorful tiles, you can use them to lay floors and walls, playing with patterns and colors - oriental style gives a great opportunity to show off! You can also opt for one distinctive accent - for example, a wall made of colorful Moroccan tiles in the bathing area, keeping the rest of the bathroom in a more subdued style. If we strengthen the arrangement by choosing a frameless PUR shower enclosure we will create a strong visual effect in which the oriental spirit combines with modern comfort!  The shower zone in line with the floor optically enlarges the room and offers space for sensual shower pleasure.

Oriental effect can be achieved by decorating the walls with waterproof wallpaper with a pattern imitating tiles or mosaics.
Oriental bathroom - how to arrange it?

Oriental bathroom - furniture and accessories

The furniture that will be in our bathroom should be made of wood, rattan or their imitations, but this is the last resort.

Handmade bronze dishes, trays, vases and ceramic Moroccan bowls for the sink will be an original complement to the bathroom of this style. To be able to fully relax in the oriental bathroom, take care of appropriate, atmospheric lighting. Moroccan hanging lamps or small light points built into the wall will make the mosaic shine gently. Do not forget about candles in gold-colored candlesticks. The atmosphere of the Orient will also be enhanced by gold-colored soapboxes, decorative flacons and a mirror framed in a gold frame.
If you have a window in your bathroom, it is worth using it. Put pots with exotic plants and wooden ornaments on the windowsill, which will additionally emphasize the unique character of our bathroom. Also, hang silk, airy curtains.