Mediterranean-style bathroom - the holiday climate

A Mediterranean-style bathroom is a way to create an oasis of good holiday vibrations in your own home. Natural colors and materials, white in contrast to blue or cobalt, tile mosaics and a bit of hotel luxury in the form of pampering the senses, a perfect shower enclosure - thanks to the Mediterranean-style bathroom, holidays last all year round!

The Mediterranean style is a combination of various inspirations drawn from rustic traditions in the Mediterranean countries, which is also subject to various modifications and creative transformations. Mediterranean style has many faces - from Greek climates to Provencal, Tuscan, Greek and Oriental inspired interiors.  Deciding to create a bathroom in this style has a lot to offer!

Mediterranean-style the bathroom - what to choose?

Mediterranean-style bathroom is a very broad concept. When designing it, we can use a wide catalogue of inspirations - mixing them freely or trying to maintain a homogenous influence: Tuscan, Provencal, Greek or Oriental. Here are brief characteristics of the individual influences:

Mediterranean-style bathroom - Greek style: here there should be room for blue or cobalt tiles, geometrically decorated walls and plenty of white light.

Mediterranean-style bathroom - Tuscan style: stone or terracotta on the floor, bleached walls and natural wood are the basis. Additionally, when arranging the bathroom, we do not avoid trinkets and finely bent metal shelves and shelves.

Mediterranean-style bathroom - the Provencal style: its palette is dominated by creamy white, pastel violets and bleached yellows. Wood and ceramic elements add charm. They use subtle decorative patterns inspired by local vegetation, depicting lavender, grapevine or olive twigs.

Mediterranean-style bathroom - Oriental style: The main motif is a Moroccan clover, also known as the Moroccan rose, which can be found even in modern interiors. The market is dominated by wallpapers with this motif, as well as floor and wall tiles.
Mediterranean-style bathroom - the holiday climate

Mediterranean-style bathroom - how to arrange?

Mediterranean-style bathroom is a combination of naturalness, romance and rustic style. We can bet on a clear combination of snowy white with heavily saturated cobalt, keeping it all in earthy colors or Provencal shabby chic. Mosaics with Mediterranean motifs are welcome in this type of bathroom. The floor can be made of tiles imitating sand or light stone. It is important for the interior to be bright and optimistic. An interesting addition can be large clay vases or a washbasin with a pedestal stylized as an ancient column.
When it comes to furniture in Mediterranean-style bathrooms, it should be characterized by simplicity and high comfort. Benches, wardrobes and chairs made of natural wood, often painted in typical Mediterranean colors such as rust, grey, yellow and light blue, can give the bathroom design a bit of clarity.

The whole interior should be made of natural elements: wood, stone, clay, porcelain. An exception can be - and should be - a shower cabin, which will bring a breath of hotel luxury and modernity to the rustic interior. An interesting choice will be a cabin with semi-circular doors, which are associated with solutions of Greek architecture - for example the PUR model.

Mediterranean-style bathroomcaptivates with its naturalness, subtle elegance and above all with its warmth. In the European climate, where summers are short and winters quite cold, it is worthwhile to arrange a bathroom where, regardless of the season, you can feel for a moment like in a sunny Mediterranean town.