Japanese Style Bathroom - What You Need To Know

For many travelers Japan is a magical place, different from everything else. Although the Japanese often live in European-style homes, nothing what we imagine looking at Japanese art or watching classical Japanese films, the Japanese style bathroom is a thing, and it is a style worth considering.

Japanese Style Bathroom Size

Japanese bathrooms are not always large, multi-level bath chambers - we will get back to the multi-level aspect in a moment. It is often the case that the limited space has to meet the needs of people living under one roof. Even in a small bathroom in a flat it is possible to create the right ambience. It is important to separate the toilet area from the shower. In Japanese culture it is commonplace to find sliding wooden doors with paper finish. This is not the best solution for the area where it is easy to spill water, therefore we suggest a reference to the classic shoji, rather than attempts to use it. A better solution is semi-transparent glass or glass brick wall. This brings water to mind, and water is the most important element in the Japanese style bathroom.

Similarly, if possible choose a walk-in shower with a rain shower head, separated from the rest of the room with tempered glass. The Japanese prefer this solution, as the bathtub is not for washing, but for relaxing.

Equipment in the Japanese Style Bathroom

If space allows it, fit not only a shower, but also a bathtub. However unlike what you often see in bath chambers, pick a low tub, level with the floor, round or oval. This is where difference in levels comes into play. It will be easier to conceal the tub. Remember this type of bathtub is suitable only for homes without small children.

The Japanese pay great attention to hygiene. Browsing the web you can find many photos of toilets with discrete sounds, warm water or several types of scent diffusers. This type of equipment is also worth considering, but it is simpler to install a bidet. Definitely separated from the bath area.

Colors in the Japanese Style Bathroom

Those who like neutral colors will be over the moon as there are no decisive colors in Japanese style bathrooms. The simpler, the better. Preferred hues are white, beige, colors of wood. If you want to liven up the place, better do it with accessories.

Japanese Style Bathroom: Accessories

The most important accessory is the mirror - large and rectangular. If possible, there should be a separate mirror over the sink. This will allow you to see yourself from head to toe before leaving the bathroom. It will also optically enlarge the space.

Bamboo sticks are a very popular element of interior decoration. If you want something atypical, choose a bonsai tree, but remember maintaining its elegant shape requires a lot of work.

If you don't have a green thumb, we suggest achieving Japanese style in the bathroom with lanterns or posters with copies of Japanese prints.

Also don't forget about a simple shelf for soft, plain towels.