Industrial shower enclosure - what to choose?

Cold, austere industrial style is one of the strong trends for years. Lofts have come from necessity - people with limited resources have been living in former factories, warehouses and assembly plants, converting them into people-friendly interiors as far as possible. The advantage of lofts has always been a lot of space, but they lacked clearly marked rooms, like kitchen or bathroom. In the bathroom, this resulted in uncovered pipes on the walls, glass walls separating the shower from the rest of the room and lighting in a minimalist form - often it was a light bulb on a cable.

Nowadays, industrial-style interiors are a choice, not a necessity - but it is all the more important to know how to make it look authentic.
Industrial shower enclosure - what to choose?

What kind of interior for an industrial shower enclosure

There is no denying that the best interior will be spacious. If you are just at the stage of house design, consider combining the master bedroom with the bathroom - removing the walls will open up the space and allow you to create a good imitation of a loft. The attic of the house may be a perfect choice for such a space. In our Attic Bathroom Guide you will find a lot of ideas. However, if you can't make any changes to your property plan and the bathroom is already laid out, think about how to highlight the loft, industrial look. A good idea is one brick wall or concrete floor.
SanSwiss offers a great selection of shower enclosures, both classic and walk-in, that perfectly match this interior style. We particularly recommend the EASY BLACK LINE collection, but it is also worthwhile to take a look at the TOP-LINE S BLACK LINE collection.

Industrial shower enclosures: which details?

Instead of polished lamps, we recommend raw bulbs on the cable, workshop-style side lighting (you can find them in every home furnishing store), and for storing cosmetics, towels and the like - bar shelves. If an office or a garage nearby is getting rid of old furniture, look for a tin cupboard for documents or tools - painted in shiny black it can be used as a dressing table.

Industrial shower enclosure in a small bathroom

Not all bathrooms are spacious, but if you have a small area, you can still arrange it in an industrial style. White walls and flooring, a shower enclosure with black profiles, minimal decoration, lighting in the form of a LED strip - that can work!