How to arrange a small bathroom? Ideas, inspirations

How to arrange a small bathroom? There are plenty of inspirations and practical solutions, but the most important is a good design. It is important that the aesthetic appearance goes hand in hand with functionality. If we plan the space in a small bathroom wisely, and choose an appropriate shower cubicle, then even in a small area we can create a pleasant bathing space.

Small bathroom - arrangements

A small bathroom does not have to be a problem. It is certainly worth considering moving the washing machine to another room to gain some space.

When it comes to a shower cabin for a small bathroom, the corner ones are the best, as they save a lot of space. If the room is narrow, a shower can also be installed between two walls and choose a version without a shower tray, with a drain in the floor. Another idea will be a walk-in shower tray, consisting of one sheet of glass, supported by bright, white or silver profiles. The SanSwiss TOP LINE S WALK-IN is a solution that makes ergonomic use of the available space while optically enlarging it. Lightweight, minimalist construction does not require much space for installation and gives maximum comfort and aesthetic appearance.

You can also install a bathtub with a glass screen, and hang a shower panel on the wall, thus gaining a 2-in-1 solution. Such a solution does not take up much more space, and the trained element always adds lightness to the bathroom. Choosing a model of bathtub screen SanSwiss EASY guarantees that the interior will gain an elegant, simple and functional character.

As for the toilet seat, the right choice will be suspended. Hiding its parts in the wall and free space on the floor make the device will perform its function without blocking the space. Whereas the washbasin for a small bathroom, which will save space, is corner or countertop. A washbasin in the form of a bowl also looks original.

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How to arrange a small bathroom? Ideas, inspirations

How to arrange a small bathroom? Inspirations

No less important than sanitary facilities in the decor of a small bathroom is storage space. What furniture to choose? A washbasin with a cabinet for a small bathroom is not a good solution as any furniture placed on the ground will optically reduce space. The exceptions are suspended models that do not come into contact with the floor. Alternatively, you may consider installing several suspended cabinets or placing them over the installation of a toilet rack.

Furniture for a small bathroom should be kept in bright colors and have a light shine that always works in favor of small rooms, visually enlarging the space. Furniture whose fronts are made of a mirror will also be a good choice. If possible, you can also give up cabinets and make recesses with decorative storage baskets.

Finally, there is the question of lighting. In a small modern bathroom, LED lamps will be a good choice, which are worth mounting on the line of the mirror or even decorate the edges of cabinets with them. Interestingly, cool colors in this kind of rooms make the whole look bigger than it really is.

The idea for a small bathroom - colors and solutions

What colors should be chosen for a small bathroom and how to enlarge it optically? At the beginning it is worth to choose the base, which is the background for the equipment. What tiles for a small bathroom are worth buying? It is best to choose those in bright colors, which will optically enlarge the space. It is also better to give up quite large tiles, which can simply overwhelm a small area. Tiles for a small bathroom on the floor will work in the form of a fashionable small mosaic in white and black. They can also be single-colored, preferably with invisible joints. As far as the walls are concerned, they do not have to be covered with tiles. More and more often in modern small bathrooms waterproof paint is used, which is perfect for wet rooms. If the ceiling is quite low (e.g. after installing halogens), a great trick, which will make the room seem higher, is to paint strips on vertical walls. Fans of tiles should put on the ones with glitter, which reflect light perfectly, giving the impression of more space. To enhance the optical effect of the enlargement of the area, mirrors are usually used. Not only those above the washbasin, but also at other points on the wall. Tiles for a small bathroom can also be replaced with a 3D photo wall mural. Such an image giving the impression of three-dimensionality is a clever trick "deceiving" the eye and making a small room more profound.