Elegant bathroom - ideas for the arrangement

Designing an elegant bathroom requires good planning. However, it is worth spending more time on it, as this will ensure that your bathroom is perfectly suited to your needs. Here are some ideas on what to choose and what to avoid.

Elegant bathroom: bath or shower?

An elegant interior is usually associated with a large space, marble on the walls and floor, and a large, free-standing bath. But there is not always room for it. We recommend our guides:  Shower or bathtub - how to choose and Bathroom with bath and shower – as an inspiration. If you decide to take a shower, we recommend a walk-in shower. SanSwiss offers many solutions of this type, e.g. in the CADURA or EASY collection.

Elegant bathroom: colours

The biggest advantage of an elegant bathroom is its muted colors. Choose one main interior color, e.g. grey or beige and add contrasting elements. It's a good idea to introduce black or navy blue, but only as an accent, so that it doesn't dominate and overwhelm the interior.
Elegant bathroom - ideas for the arrangement
Bathroom furniture of this kind does not have to be cool and minimalistic. One retro piece of furniture, such as a towel case or a chair, will highlight the whole thing. Just remember that wooden furniture should be well protected against moisture, and ensure proper ventilation in the bathroom.

A mirror is always a good idea. You can hang a few of them and in this way optically enlarge the surface of the bathroom. Choose either one in a minimal frame or one in a richly ornamented, old-fashioned frame.
Add some other colors to your bathroom by adding soap bottles, towels and fragrance bins.

Elegant bathroom: where to hide your washing machine?

We don't always have a separate laundry room, so a washing machine in the bathroom is a common sight. But there's no reason why it's an eye-catcher. You can hide it in a cupboard or behind an openwork, movable partition. The same goes for laundry - an elegant basket is one idea, but you can also build a diagonal drawer with partitions into the cabinet.