Concrete in the bathroom

Bathroom with the concrete effect has not been associated with an unfinished interior for a long time - on the contrary, it is a synonym of good architecture and designer approach to interior design. How to arrange a grey bathroom with the concrete effect? Read our guide!

Concrete in the bathroom gives the effect of naturalness and austerity. It is used to finish floors and walls, there are also cast countertops and washbasins, and even concrete accessories such as soap dishes. What is important is that the skillfully applied concrete effect in the bathroom fits both modern and classic interiors.

Concrete in the bathroom - how to achieve such an effect?

A grey bathroom can be an extremely effective solution, which is why more and more people are looking for a way to arrange the interior in this way. Grey is considered a great base and timeless solution. And as you know, the bathroom is a room arranged for years, so it is worth taking this issue into account.
Concrete in the bathroom
Concrete in the bathroom is recommended especially when you want to give the space a raw and minimalist look. This material is willing to be used on whole surfaces, for example in loft style or industrial, but polished concrete, coated with glossy lacquer can become a very decorative surface, like marble. It then fits into glamour style interiors and art deco.

What material should I use to achieve this effect? There are several solutions on the market that we can decide on:
  1. architectural concrete - poured or in the form of finished slabs and facings
  2. Tiles that resemble concrete,
  3. structural concrete paint
  4. waterproof wallpaper imitating concrete.

The most universal of the above mentioned materials is architectural concrete, which is widely used both in finishing and interior decoration. Fair-faced concrete seems to be created for use in the bathroom. It will successfully replace tiles, it is also much cheaper and easier to process than natural stone, and at the same time it is characterized by high water resistance.

Grey bathroom with shower - arrangements

Concrete in the bathroom can be used in various ways. Deciding on a concrete total look concrete can cover all walls and floor. However, such a solution can be a bit overwhelming, that is why concrete is often used to decorate a chosen wall - a recess with a mirror or to separate a bathing area with an open shower cubicle. Such an arrangement will look modern, minimalist and austere, especially if we are tempted to make a suitable shower enclosure design. The black cabin profiles from the BLACK LINE are the ideal loft solution in this case.

Concrete is increasingly appreciated as a resistant and versatile material which, when properly processed, acquires an extremely noble appearance. Concrete can be polished and coated with decorative varnishes which not only increase its water resistance but also give it a shine. Smooth concrete walls and floors can be the base for a very elegant bathroom in glamour or art deco style. Especially if the arrangement is complemented with glossy accessories: a mirror in a wonderful frame or an elaborate chandelier. The choice of a luxury cabin from the gold GOLD LINE perfectly complements this look.

The accessories that will warm up the concrete arrangement can be fabrics and decorations in a distinctive color. This season designers recommend yellow in mustard shade. Natural wood and plants also harmonize perfectly with concrete.