Concealed shower – Spa at home

Minimalism, hiding the installation in the walls and reducing the number of bathroom fittings is the currently a popular trend. In the case of a concealed shower it is also a great convenience and comfort, as in a real Spa! What is worth knowing when deciding on such a solution?


The installation of a concealed shower requires, above all, prior planning, as the pipes and valves are hidden in the wall. The work should start with the installation of a concealed faucet (standard ceramic or with a built-in thermostat are available), usually at a height of 110 - 120 cm from the floor.


When deciding to install a concealed shower, it is worth not to limit yourself to a handset! Therefore, the next stage of the installation is the installation of a shower on the ceiling or wall, depending on the selected variant. In the case of the wall version - it should be on average 220 cm high (or 40 cm tallest than the height of the highest user). Modern showers are equipped with ball valves, which allow you to freely set the angle of the water jet, as well as LEDs - those require a strong water jet for proper operation.


After checking the tightness of the installation, you can proceed to installing of the control panel, spout, shower elbow, hose and shower headset, whirlpool nozzles, or bar. Here it is worth mentioning that the shower in the flush-mounted version gives a lot of possibilities to adapt to the needs of users, and it looks great, especially with walk-in shower enclosures.


The main installation difficulty in the case of a concealed shower is the need to forge in the walls and plaster the grooves. A well planned and installed system should not cause any maintenance problems or possible replacement of parts. The advantage is that the elements hidden in the wall do not need to be cleaned, do not corrode and are more durable. However, any inconvenience is rewarded by the visual effect and comfort of using a concealed shower.