Classic bathroom - how to arrange?

The classic bathroom is simply a timeless bathroom - it will never go out of fashion! White in bathrooms has been considered "boring" for some time, but it definitely comes back to favor, because in a harmonious, simple and with the taste of a decorated bathroom everyone feels good. What other advantages does classic style have in the bathroom? How to arrange a classic bathroom in white also in a block of flats?

A classic bathroom is always a safe solution. Classics are not only distinguished by their simplicity and elegance, but also by their balanced minimalism. Thanks to this, classic style is based on temporary fashions and is a universal trend that does not get boring quickly. An ally of classic style in the bathroom is white - a white bathroom in a classic style is suitable for living in a new block of flats, an old building, a modern house or a country cottage outside the city.

Classic bathroom - inspirations

Classic bathrooms are ruled by whiteness and noble minimalism, which is the basis for arrangements either slightly retro or more modern, depending on taste, liking and individual needs. Let's add that a white bathroom does not have to be... white! White combines perfectly with natural wood, black, gold, chrome and also very fashionable botanical motifs, allowing to create excellent arrangements. More and more often you can find accessories in shades of grey, which also distinguishes the modern variety of this trend.
Classic bathroom - how to arrange?
The classic style bathroom will be distinguished by the combination of traditional solutions with modern forms. This is particularly important when choosing a bathtub or a shower enclosure, which will set the tone for the entire room. Shower enclosures from the WHITE LINE collection are a combination of "safe" classic white with the sophistication of modern form. White, matt finish of shower cabins is currently one of the most interesting proposals, perfectly matching the modern trends in design and design in the interior and bathroom fittings.

In classic style interiors, it is very important to organize the elements and maintain proportions. Therefore, great importance was attached to symmetry, which does not mean that the interiors are to be raw and overly minimalistic. The arrangement should correspond to functional needs, while maintaining the classic solutions. Therefore, it is worth remembering about such principles as moderate contrast and appropriate selection of details that will help to enliven the interior: these can be accessories, more vivid color or retro elements, such as a mirror in a stylish frame or an elegant chandelier.

Classic bathroom in a block of flats

Classic bathrooms are carefully thought-out designs. Bathroom designs in the block often use white, which optically enlarges the interior and at the same time associates with cleanliness and hygiene. A small bathroom can be a challenge, so read our guide as well - what ideas will work best in a small bathroom?

When space is limited, a classic bathroom with a shower is best. When it comes to a shower enclosure for a small bathroom, a corner shower is best, as it saves a lot of space. If the room is narrow, you can also install a shower between two walls and choose a version without a shower tray, with a floor drain. - SanSwiss offers a practical cabin configurator depending on the space available.

The key to success in furnishing a classic bathroom in a block of flats is the tonal combination of colors. Subdued stone grays or noble marble abrasions perfectly complement the timeless decoration, which is dominated by beige, creams and ashes.