Bathroom with bath and shower

Placing both bathtub and shower enclosure in the bathroom is the most desirable solution. Everyone can enjoy what he or she likes most, there is no need to compromise. Unfortunately, such a solution requires space, otherwise the bathroom is neither functional nor aesthetically pleasing. Small bathrooms require better planning. A corner shower enclosure is a very good solution - we recommend our article "Small bathroom: proven ideas". But you can't always get rid of the bathtub altogether. What solutions are available?
Bathroom with bath and shower

Bathroom with bath and shower:
bathtub screens

Bathtub screens are a popular and practical solution for small bathrooms. The SanSwiss range includes one, two and three part screens as well as models that allow for a full bath to be built in. Most SanSwiss screens are available in several versions of glass and profiles, so they can be easily adapted to suit clients' needs.

Bathroom with bath and shower: a cabin on the bathtub

However, if you want to have both devices in the bathroom, but there is not much space, we suggest installing the shower enclosure on the bath, i.e. with the so-called shortened side wall. Many shower enclosures from SanSwiss range can be adapted like this – we suggest you look at CADURA, FUN, PUR, SWING-LINE, SWING-LINE F, TOP-LINE, and TOP-LINE S collections. It is possible to make all kinds of non-standard solutions - bevels and notches in the glass panel, thanks to which it is possible to manage even the most inaccessible and seemingly difficult place in the bathroom. This also allows you to freely shorten one of the walls to fit the whole shower enclosure to the edge of the bathtub, so that bathtub and shower enclosure can stand right next to each other.