Bathroom trends for 2021 – all you need to know

Arranging a spectacular and ergonomic bathroom is not as easy as it seems. And changing trends make it even harder. What decor will be the most fashionable next year?

A trendy bathroom in 2020 is characterised by the use of natural materials, pastel colours and wood. There are also many minimalist designs with a pinch of industrial austerity. So what are the latest trends for 2021?

Trendy bathroom in 2021

Although the trends of the current year will continue to have their supporters and some styles of decor will remain fashionable, the bathroom and the trends for 2021 provide a great deal of new inspiration. Above all, the interiors will be lit up with more vibrant and energetic colours. These will include turquoise, as well as various shades of yellow and red. Stylish black will also be in. If you are interested in a modern bathroom that will be elegant and classy, it is worth going with black as the basic colour. By adding the right fittings and cabinets, you can achieve a spectacular effect.

Gres tiles imitating wood will still be popular for walls and floors. Mosaics and unusually shaped tiles, such as hexagons which make up a honeycomb, arabesque and herringbone tiles will be incorporated into the bathroom designs even more often than they are now.

The latest trends in bathroom design

Despite the fact that colours play the first fiddle when you enter the bathroom, they are not the only element of the decoration. Sinks, showers and bathtubs play a huge role, too. A modern bathroom can be much more than just functional. Modern sanitary appliances are so refined and have such impressive design that you can’t help but see them as an ornament.

One of the hottest trends are trench drain showers. However, their installation is only possible when the bathroom is undergoing a major renovation, as they require an additional layer of concrete and insulation. Those who want to avoid all this work while reducing the renovation time should take a look at the SanSwiss Walk-in cabins. They are minimalistic in style, with a smooth glass pane providing an excellent interior decoration. The shower trays offered by the company are particularly noteworthy. They are ultra-flat, have a modern look and their installation does not require as much work as in the case of a trench drain.

Investors will also continue to opt for shower cabins. The most fashionable models will be those whose connections are almost invisible. Their subtlety adds lightness to the interior. SanSwiss has an extensive offer of shower cabins, which will be fashionable next year. You can choose from frameless, partially framed and framed cabins. Each of these variants has its advantages and can make the bathroom design stand out in a truly extraordinary way.

A trend that is going out of style once and for all is investing in a shower cabin integrated with the base. This applies especially to the models with very high bases. They look massive and heavy, and this is completely inconsistent with contemporary trends, which promote the aforementioned lightness.

A bathroom for years – timeless trends

The trends that will be fashionable in 2021 are characterised by dynamism and briskness. It is not something everyone is going to like. In addition, too many strong colours in an interior may irritate the eyes in the long run. This can be particularly burdensome when one takes into account morning hygiene routine and the need to wake up the body slowly.

Fortunately, there are many timeless and universal trends that, on the one hand, are always fashionable, and, on the other hand, are more delicate than the vibrant colours trendy in a given season. These include designs using natural materials and colours such as brown and beige. White bathrooms will continue to be popular. Simply add some wooden or colourful accessories to get an interior that is both fashionable and timeless.

And what about showers and bathtubs? The latest trends include oval and free-standing bathtubs, but the truth is that they will fit in spacious bathrooms only. For this reason, investors will continue to focus on geometrically shaped bathtubs adjacent to a wall. This is a universal solution followed for years. If you want to give the bathtub a modern look, go with a stylish SanSwiss bathtub screen. The manufacturer has prepared several interesting series, which are characterised by originality and modern design. It is worth noting that such a solution is not only visually attractive, but also practical, as it allows you to enjoy the benefits of both a shower and a bathtub in a limited space.