Bathroom trends 2020

Although renovation of the house is done once in a while, it is worth knowing what is in fashion and what is just going out of fashion. How do the bathroom trends for 2020 look like? There are several directions.

Bathroom trends 2020: gold

After many years of raw lines and cool shades, the warm shade of gold returns to favor. It can be introduced into the bathroom in several ways. The simplest and easiest way to change it is to add elements of decor, such as hangers, mirror frames, lamps. For those who decide on gold, we also have other solutions: gold faucets or the latest SanSwiss GOLD LINE collection of shower enclosures with gold details.

Bathroom trends 2020: white

The second strong trend in 2020 is the well-known white from previous years. For some it is sterile and boring, for others it is luxurious, allowing to play with form and any accessories. This year, the SanSwiss shower enclosure range will feature the WHITE LINE collection with white details. We recommend it both for bathrooms in white and as an element of colorful interiors.

Bathroom trends 2020: black

Minimalistic or full of glamour? Bathrooms in black are many possibilities, you only have to remember one thing: black color optically reduces the room. If the surface does not allow you to choose black walls, we recommend black accessories, especially the SanSwiss BLACK LINE shower enclosure collection.

Bathroom trends 2020: nature

The last strong trend of this year refers to the trend of hygge-style bathrooms and Japanese style bathrooms, but extends it. What is most important is natural materials like stone and wood, but also the presence of plants. Because of this, it is only suitable for rooms where daylight and adequate air circulation are provided.