Bathroom in a studio flat - how to arrange it?

Small flats are always a challenge for designers. Everyone wants to live in a beautiful and ergonomic place. However, when every inch of space counts, it is not always that simple. How to arrange a bathroom in a studio flat so that it is both attractive and comfortable?

There is no doubt that this is a more difficult task than if you were dealing with a larger bathroom. Nevertheless, you can create an equally interesting space. Just remember that functionality is the priority here and follow a few rules.

Arranging a bathroom in a studio flat

Bathrooms in studio flats are always small, so you have to make sure that chaos does not creep in. Each area of space must be well planned. There should always be harmony inside the space. The key is to choose the right equipment, fittings and cabinets. Cosmetics, detergents and other items should be stowed away. The more items left on the countertops, the more messy it becomes.

Designing a bathroom in a studio flat – what to keep in mind

First of all, you have to try to make the most of the space. It is good to invest not only in a standing cupboard, but also a drawer under the washbasin, or an additional shelf. Designing a bathroom in a studio flat requires much creativity. It is therefore worth looking at places that are often overlooked, such as walls where you can hang shelves. Don’t forget organisers and baskets to help keep everything in order.
Bathroom in a studio flat - how to arrange it?
Interior designers also devote a lot of time to colours for a reason. By selecting certain shades, you can effectively manipulate the space. Everyone wants a small bathroom to appear larger than it is. This means that you should focus on light colours. The basis is white, but you can add grey or cream. Another way to make the space look bigger is to have large mirrors and good lighting, not just the main ceiling light, but also the auxiliary light near the mirror.

Bathtub or shower in a studio flat?

In studio flats, the bathroom is usually so small that you can only dream of a bathtub. However, sometimes there is enough space for it. Those who like both long relaxing bathtubs and quick showers face a dilemma. It is not possible for the bathroom to have a bathtub and a shower at the same time. What can you do? A bathtub screen comes in handy. It can be mounted on any bathtub, it looks stylish and aesthetic, and at the same time you can enjoy the advantages of both bathtub and shower. In the case of a small bathroom, models with a subtle design will be the best choice. SanSwiss Solino products will be perfect. Bathtub screens are much more elegant than shower curtains, and thus complement the decor nicely.

Shower enclosures are more often found in studio flats than bathtubs. They take up much less space than a bathtub, thus making a small bathroom seem larger. When looking for a shower cubicle, it is best to avoid all ready-made cubicles with a tray. They are massive and take up a lot of space unnecessarily. Instead, a walk-in cubicle is a much better solution. It has no door and takes up exactly as much space as the investor plans to allocate. Such a cubicle will not only be practical, but also become a great interior decoration. When browsing the SanSwiss offer, check out the FUN and TOP-LINE S series. Their minimalist and modern design will look great in a small bathroom.

However, if you prefer a traditional shower cubicle, nothing stands in the way, but it is important that the shower tray is flat. This makes the cubicle look more elegant, which goes better with the interior.

How to organise cabinets and storage?

As mentioned before, a bathroom in a studio flat allows us to awaken our imagination and look for unconventional solutions. Once you know where and what fittings will be used, you can move on to the next stage and think about shelves and cabinets. You should take advantage of every nook and cranny. When choosing a countertop washbasin, think about adding a cupboard or drawers under it. Another place is the space above the toilet bowl, where, for example, decorative baskets can be placed on a hanging shelf. Cabinets and hanging shelves not only allow you to hide more in the bathroom, but also allow for more floor space, and the more floor you can see, the more spacious the entire bathroom will seem.

What about bathroom decorations?

Since you have to pay attention to every inch, the question arises whether there will be room for any decorations in the bathroom? A shower and an elegant mirror will serve as decorations. In addition, you can consider an interesting ceiling lamp. In addition, open hanging shelves have great potential. Baskets placed on them are practical hiding places, but they also make for interesting decoration. We can put a small potted plant next to them and the entire space will look great.