Bathroom - a brick wall, as an original idea

Brick walls are a strong interior design trend for several years now. Initially, such arrangements were used mainly in kitchens and living rooms, but now the brick is also conquering bathrooms! Which brick to choose? How to arrange a brick wall in the bathroom, what accessories and lighting should be chosen? Read our short guide!

A brick wall in interiors is a very fashionable solution. A brick wall can be used in industrial lofts as well as in rustic or Scandinavian style interiors. Warm, red brick in its natural colour combined with natural wood will create an effect of a bit rough coziness. White brick will optically enlarge the small bathroom.

Bathroom and brick - is it a good combination?

A brick wall in the bathroom has many advantages. Its moisture does not terrify, it suppresses noise well and does not fade, and any cavities or brittlings do not disfigure the wall, as in the case of tiles. However, it can look a bit difficult, so usually brick is only on one bathroom wall, as a strong accent of the whole interior, although there are some arrangements in which brick dominates. The effect depends on our design and style in which we want to furnish the bathroom. If you are bored with standard tiles, mosaics or panels already present in every bathroom, then brick may turn out to be an ideal solution!
Bathroom - a brick wall, as an original idea
Old, original demolition brick in the form of specially prepared tiles is perfect especially for minimalist, loft bathroom arrangements. It works well with steel, concrete and plaster, bringing a breath of authenticity and raw shining. Be sure to read our New York style bathroom guide.

The warm-colored demolition brick goes well with natural wood, so it will also look good in bathrooms inspired by Scandinavian style.
White brick in the bathroom is a great solution especially for small rooms. The white brick wall will brighten up the interior and the large mirror hanging on it will make it look even bigger. The right accessories are enough to achieve a more loftier or more rustic, but always stylish effect!

However, the brick on the bathroom wall can be painted in any color, which opens up a lot of interesting arrangement possibilities. The best choice for painting is mineral façade paints, which create an opaque and waterproof, but at the same time breathable coating.

Bathroom: demolition brick, clinker or decorative?

Demolition brick is undoubtedly impressive, but it can be troublesome - it requires careful cleaning and protection against moisture. That is why decorative brick is often used especially in bathroom arrangements, where resistance to moisture is a priority. There are several options to choose from:
  1. clinker bricks, which are often used for facade finishing, will also make a difference in the bathroom, because they are highly resistant to moisture and changeable temperatures.
  2. brick tiles, in turn, are a good solution for those who cannot afford a real brick wall.
  3. gypsum brick is available in many colors, but by far the most popular is white.
  4. decorative stone is an interesting alternative to brick, which allows to create a whole range of textures on the wall, not only in the form of bricks. It will be a strong accent in the interior and therefore should not be exaggerated.