Art déco bathroom - how to arrange it?

The art déco bathroom is distinguished by its elegant but simple and unobtrusive design, which combines décorative and functional functions. What does this mean? Elegant bathroom fittings, geometric forms and dark colors, e.g. grey or black marble, with which gold accessories contrast. How to design a functional art déco bathroom? Check out our guide!

An art déco bathroom should be exclusive and luxurious and at the same time comfortable to use. This style focuses on simplified shapes, geometric forms and balanced proportions. Sparkling surfaces, exclusive materials, gold accessories, striking mirrors - these are the features that distinguish an art déco bathroom.

Art déco bathroom - basic style features

Art déco style is a direction in art that was born in France in the interwar period. The name comes from the French words art décoratif, which in free translation means décorative art. The trend has spread very quickly not only in France, but also all over the world. The creation of this style was supposed to be an expression of rebellion against the very popular Art Nouveau art in the early 20th century. The proposed new trend was supposed to bring a breath of fresh air and reject excessive ornamentation. Art déco combined luxury with classic elegance and is still regarded as its synonym today.
Art déco bathroom - how to arrange it?
The art déco bathroom is subordinated to geometric shapes, elegant décorations and high functionality. The main elements of the art déco style in the bathroom are:
  1. exclusive materials, e.g. wood, marble,
  2. warm lighting,
  3. furniture with rounded edges
  4. contrasting colours - a classic checkerboard will work on the floor,
  5. glossy mirrors, often in décorative gilded frames.

An important feature of style is moderation - the interior cannot be overloaded, elegance counts. Check our ideas for elegant bathroom arrangements.

Art déco bathroom - arrangements

The art déco style bathroom is a game of classic colors: white, black, grey and gold. Harmony and good layout of equipment and accessories are very important here. Elements made of real wood, of course of the highest quality (oak, mahogany, ebony), will work well. Furniture in art déco style should have rounded edges and shiny, elegant texture.

The focal point of such a bathroom must be an extremely elegant bathtub (preferably free-standing) or an impressive shower enclosure. The models from the GOLD LINE are ideal for this role. After all, gold is a symbol of luxury and elegance, and combined with a sophisticated form of high design, it will perfectly fit the requirements of the art déco style.

As far as floors are concerned, black and white tiles will look best, while in the case of walls, it is worthwhile to choose geometric wallpapers characteristic of the art déco style - from wallpapers intended for the bathroom, of course. Such a choice in the bathroom will not only be original, but will also strongly emphasize the elegance and luxury of the interior.

Special attention should be paid to accessories - these are the ones that emphasize the character of the room. In the art déco bathroom, large mirrors with a décorative frame look good, which will not only optically enlarge and illuminate the room, but also give it a mystery. Don't forget the lamps and chandeliers in the art déco style.

The small art déco bathroom

The art déco style is suitable for rooms of all sizes and shapes. There are no limits. Even in a small bathroom you can create a very elegant art déco arrangement! Here it is worth to bet on minimalism and only mark the features of the style, without overloading the interior. A mirror in a golden frame, glossy mixers, an elegant and delightful shower enclosure with a refined form, subdued colors - that's all it takes to conjure up a unique art déco bathroom on even a small area.